shitty fucking art block the only thing i dont hate is figure drawing

i wanna be done with this so bad

i really fucked up the resoloution of the first picture so i expanded it by 300% and trying to paint over it. its going okay so far.

rude cutiepie

i really want to draw a comic about the time i ended up on top of a deviljho but that involves drawing a gobul, the flooded forest, four hunters in armor and a deviljho.

no thanks

transparent goa magara felyne ;D

i wanted to post this tonight but i am nowhere near finished.

dont look at my godawful sai setup

i thought i was going to accomplish serious art today.

dedicating this to miscellaneon because she drew me a phenomenal cole pic

playing favorites in Skyhold

(just kidding he’ll probably want to sleep in the basement)

i promise this is the last time im uploading this pic

wanted to make this my icon and needed it to not be line art

edit: yeah im not making my blogs match it was a bad idea

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